I Don’t Want to Diet, But I’m Afraid Not To!

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You’ve been here many times before…you don’t want to diet but are afraid not to diet at the same time. You want to get your eating under control and feel that the only way to do this is by starting the next diet. You believe you need the structure, rules, and steps to follow or else you will live in a feeding frenzy.

But you also…well…have been here many times before. You know the dread you feel looking down the barrel of the next restrictive diet. You know that soon you will be feeling deprived and crave all the foods you are about to eliminate.

In other words, you are stuck in the dieting dilemma. And it feels hopeless.

I don’t want to diet but that’s all I can do!

It’s natural to look for easy steps to take when we feel desperate, stuck, and hopeless. Sometimes when our strength to fight is gone, we just need someone to tell us how to put one foot in front of the other for a while. And this might be what dieting does for you.

Yet, you also have experienced the reality that these steps are not ones you can follow forever. Diets may give you a sense of control over your eating for a time, but what they are really doing is setting you up for a backlash.

But that doesn’t mean you are stuck in this loss of control around food, I promise!

Is there another way? YES!

Not only is there another option for you, but I want you to know that there is a far BETTER option! One where you take control over your food and eating for the long term, not temporarily.

The better option is what I call Body Led Eating and it is a fully satisfying, natural, enjoyable way of stopping the eating madness, despair, guilt, and backlash you live with now.

To make my case, let me just take a few moments to show why dieting is not the answer to food control and why Body Led Eating is far superior.

Diets cause more problems than they solve

Using my own history as an example of what most people experience, let me tell you how dieting caused more problems for me than it solved. And be certain, I am not alone in this.

Each time I got to a breaking point with my eating habits, body dissatisfaction, and cravings, I would choose “the best” new diet. I would spend hours planning, shopping, and preparing for this diet. To be honest, I usually started each new diet with anticipation and hope that this was the one that would make all the difference in my life.

I would start strong…but you know the story. I couldn’t live with such restrictive food rules for long. As someone who loves food and eating, I was feeling deprived and didn’t find much joy in the foods I was eating.

This led to the first backlash: My cravings were gathering strength the longer I deprived myself. When I finally just tossed the diet plan, my cravings were at “Monster Level” and harder to tame than ever.

But there was a secondary backlash, as well. The time I took following diet rules to control my eating was time I wasn’t spending growing in this area. This was time I could have spent learning eating control and what was leading to my eating issues.

In other words, when the diet was over, ALL the benefits of the diet and control around food ended, too. I had no lasting credit after all my hard work.

So, backlash number three? Despair and hopelessness. You see, if the only solution to feeling out of control around food was a restrictive and rule-based diet plan, and if this diet plan didn’t work for me…that left me with no hope of getting out of this trap.

Is this what you are experiencing today? Well, be encouraged, sister. You are not left without true help and hope.

Body Led Eating solves the problems diets cannot

If three (of the many) backlashes of dieting are increased cravings, unsustainability, and despair…let’s look at how Body Led Eating solves these issues.

First, you will find out how to begin Body Led Eating through a free ebook you can download HERE. It will give you a greater understanding of it and help guide you through this new way of eating with freedom, not in chaos.

Now that you are getting a great start with Body Led Eating through your new ebook, you will better understand how it helps with the very issues that dieting leads to.

Live without cravings when you don’t want to diet

Body Led Eating doesn’t promote cravings, because you are eating your favorite foods when you desire them. You are doing so without guilt or shame. And you are fully in control of how much you are eating. I know this sounds too good to be true when you’ve lived life on the diet rollercoaster, but this cycle helps make it clear.

Restriction, Deprivation, Uncontrolled Eating, Weight Gain, Despair cycle


Cravings are often the result of deprivation, which is experienced through restrictive diets. Cravings are empowered by diets. So although it seems impossible to eat your favorite foods in small amounts and be satisfied, when you aren’t depriving yourself of these foods, they hold far less power over you.

Lifetime results of Body Led Eating

Because you are not engaging in rules that you can’t possibly keep for a lifetime but are relearning how to eat naturally, enjoyably, and being satisfied, you can continue to eat this way forever.

And that means you can experience freedom with food and eating – not loss of control – for a lifetime, as well.

A positive relationship with food and eating

You can imagine how all of this can lead to a new, guilt- and shame-free relationship with food. Food is no longer the enemy or the dirty little secret in your life. Eating becomes a time of awareness of God’s goodness to you and a time of deep enjoyment and satisfaction. You don’t want to diet anymore? GREAT!

Neither do I! And I don’t.

Most people will get a wonderful taste (so to speak) of Body Led Eating and want to go deeper. You, too, may want to find total freedom from eating, body shame, and food struggles through a Christ-centered, step-by-step approach.

If you are raising your hand at that, let me show you how you can begin your journey to food and body shame freedom in Christ. Just click HERE to chat with me today!

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