True Food Nourishes Online Program



The True Food Nourishes Program

This 6 week online program is designed to give you a strong foundation in Christ and help you learn a new, sanctified relationship with food, eating, weight preoccupation, and body image.

It also helps you to discern between true and false nutrition and health messages, so you are armed to make the best decisions without needless restrictions.

Before you make an individual appointment to work directly with Cheryl, consider that by taking this course first, you will save money and time (since these foundational truths will not have to be introduced during sessions together).

Your journey to food freedom will be more advanced when you have already worked on these foundational issues. 

If you find you would like individualized, tailored counsel after taking this course, feel free to schedule an initial session here.

If you are unsure which path to take, please schedule your free online consultation by clicking on the big orange button, below so you and Cheryl can figure out the best plan for your needs!


Why it is Called True Food

We all have heard the health benefits of whole – or “true” as I call them – foods. And no doubt, there is importance to this for our physical wellbeing.

But there is a much more crucial and deeply-rooted “health” that must be tended to. And tended to first. It is spiritual health and affects the heart, mind, emotions, actions, and eternity.

Jesus said that He is the True Food that comes from heaven (John 6:3158-59). This means He is the complete fulfiller of all our deepest needs and the complete sustainer in all our troubles. He is present daily. He nourishes us. 

And even where actual food is concerned, there is such an abundance of misinformation out there that I feel it is important to get you true, evidence-based nutrition information so you can make well-informed decisions for yourselves and your families.

True food freedom comes when we understand the provision of Christ in the gospel, true health and nutrition information, and the enslaving consequences of faulty food rules.

So, how do we apply this knowledge so that it actually makes a difference in our day-to-day lives? 

When will the Program Be Available?

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