Satisfied! 12-Week Online Program

The Christian Path to Food Freedom, Body Acceptance, and Lifestyle Health

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I know what it is like to be consumed by a desire to lose weight, to wish my body size and shape were different, and to spent an enormous amount of focus, time, and energy on following the next restrictive diet…because I really didn’t know what else to do!

I know the hopelessness that occurs after regaining the weight lost…multiple times. I also know the feeling that something didn’t match up between this preoccupation and my Christian faith. I needed to be free from this diet cycle, body shame, uncertainty with food rules, and all that came with it.

Can you relate?

I know so many of you do. You truly are not alone! That is why I developed the very plan I so desperately needed but could not find.

The Satisfied! Christian Path to Food Freedom program is gospel-saturated from beginning to end, but also is highly science- and evidence-based. I take very seriously the trust you place in me for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health! 

This program combines private online sessions together along with lessons you work through alone. Not only does this ensure the best results to get you to the place of freedom you crave, but also gives you personalized help and support along the way.

This is an effective, deeply changing, and Christ-centered program full of loving support and practical help!

What will you get from this program?

  • You will see the truth about food and why you should be enjoying it
  • You will relearn to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are fully satisfied without feeling deprived or eliminating any foods
  • You will learn powerful strategies to prevent cravings, emotional eating, binge eating, and stress eating
  • You will be able to counter the negative body image thoughts that plague you
  • You will discover health for a lifetime with no more diets
  • BEST of all, you will experience spiritual growth while improving your physical and mental health!

But don’t just take my word for it! Check out some of the comments from those who have gone through this program:

Want a taste of what my clients learn during the week? Start by watching this video. It’s just a small taste of one of the lessons. I hope you enjoy it!

Not only is the Satisfied! Online Program the most powerful way to get the help you have been waiting for, but this 12-week system is also the most economical way for you to get the help you need while working with a professional healthcare provider and certified biblical counselor! In fact, you would have to pay TWICE this amount for just 6 sessions with a Registered Dietitian which wouldn’t include the fully-supported step-by-step transformation this program will bring you through! Giving you the best results at the best value is something I insist upon!

If you are done feeling ashamed of your body, trapped by endless diets, and desperate to find true and lasting help, get started by applying for a FREE, no-pressure chat with me to see if this is the best fit for your needs. Just click the link below, and we can talk!