This podcast is all about getting real.

OK, I’m tired of living in this “image is everything” world.

Those of us in the church (and believe me…there are so many!) who struggle with keeping up appearances, ashamed of our imperfect bodies, or striving for that picture-perfect life and family ARE TIRED.

And considering we are not to be image bearers of anyone but God…I think we may need to rethink our efforts.

But no one is really talking about this in the church. Maybe we all just think it’s normal. I know I did!

In such an image-saturated culture, its so important to hear someone talk openly about the realities and experiences of living as a Christian woman who has lived with (and can still be challenged by) a disordered mindset toward all things food and body image-related.

So, my sisters, if you are ready for some REAL talk, true nutrition and health information, and a bit of humor, come join me!

You can find the True Food Freedom & Faith podcast wherever you normally tune in. 

Now, let’s be real, ladies, and have some fun!

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What True Food Freedom & Faith means

We all have heard the health benefits of whole – or “true” as I call them – foods. And no doubt, there is importance to this for our physical wellbeing.

But there is a much more crucial and deeply-rooted “health” that must be tended to. And tended to first. It is spiritual health and affects the heart, mind, emotions, actions, and eternity.

Jesus said that He is the True Food that comes from heaven (John 6:31, 58-59). This means He is the complete fulfiller of all our deepest needs and the complete sustainer in all our troubles. He is present daily. He nourishes us. 

And even where actual food is concerned, there is such an abundance of misinformation out there that I feel it is important to get you true, evidence-based nutrition information so you can make well-informed decisions for yourselves and your families.

True food freedom comes when we understand the provision of Christ in the gospel, true health and nutrition information, and the enslaving consequences of faulty food rules.