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from chronic diets, emotional eating,
restrictive food rules, and body shame.
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Online Scripture & Nutrition Science Counseling

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Have you been riding the diet rollercoaster for years? Do you try to live by strict food rules and feel guilt when you can’t keep them? Does your body size determine how valuable you feel? Are you feeling hopeless in this cycle?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are in the right place!

Meet Cheryl

Hello and welcome! I am a Christian Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Biblical Counselor with a passion for helping people improve their physical and spiritual health.

I specialize in helping women by utilizing

  • tools to overcome emotional challenges with dieting, weight, and body image
  • individualized Scripture- and science-based counseling for sustainable health
  • biblical soul and body care for disordered eating, depression, and orthorexia
  • nutrition help for chronic illness

I know that health is not found in restrictive living or deprivation. It is found by having balanced, achievable, enjoyable, and sustainable lifestyle habits. Health is certainly about far more than just the physical body, so I take a whole-person approach that addresses nutrition, disease, lifestyle, habits, physical activity, sleep, stress, and more.

However, there is truly no sense in gaining the whole world and losing your soul! The Christian knows there cannot be true “health” without growth in faith, heart change, and righteous behavior. Taking a biblical approach to dietetics and health means that Christians can expect their time with me to be undergirded with the truths of Scripture. You will learn how to apply Scripture to your personal situation and gain immeasurable hope in the process as you see God’s work in you!

I have spent years studying the nutritional sciences and biblical counseling. In my profession, I continually dive deep into research and knowledge on the human body, food science, applied nutrition therapy, counseling, and disordered eating help.

But most importantly, as a biblical counselor, I am devoted to Scripture, prayer, and faith as the true remedy for all of the Christian’s heart, mind, and behavioral issues.

You can be confident of deeply-rooted change as we apply God’s truth and the health sciences to your life.

My Journey

I know what it is like to live with a harmful mindset regarding food, dieting, weight changes, and body image. I spent decades judging where I was on the “good and bad” meter based on the net calories I ate that day or on what the number on the scale said. Somehow I allowed a very strange belief to take over my mind, that thinner equals more valuable.

Now that I have, by God’s grace, escaped this trap, I see these thought patterns as the bondage they really were. Even as a Registered Dietitian and a Biblical Counselor, I can sometimes let those thoughts creep back into my mind.

I’m sure you have questions about how my services can help you reach your goals, so why not chat with me? No pressure, just clarity!