Are you tired of diets, emotional eating, and feeling ashamed of your body?

Finally break free and discover true food freedom & joy…all while growing in Christ.

Biblically-based nutrition counseling

for the body & soul

Have you been riding the diet rollercoaster for years? Do you try to live by strict food rules and feel guilt when you can’t keep them? Does your body size determine how valuable you feel? Are you feeling hopeless in this cycle?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are in the right place!

Would you like to connect and learn more? Let’s hop on a call and chat about your needs and how you can make progress.

My Journey...

I know what it is like to live with a harmful mindset regarding food, dieting, weight changes, and body image. I spent decades judging where I was on the “good and bad” meter based on the net calories I ate that day or on what the number on the scale said. Somehow I allowed a very strange belief to take over my mind, that thinner equals more valuable.

Now that I have, by God’s grace, escaped this trap, I see these thought patterns as the bondage they really were. Even as a Registered Dietitian and a Biblical Counselor, I can sometimes let those thoughts creep back into my mind.

3 ways I can help you find freedom...

Free Guide & Resources

Free ebook Escape the Binge in 4 Simple Steps: The Christian Path to Stop Overeating

From free podcasts, blogs, and a newsletter, you can grow in the areas of eating and body peace while having your mind focused on your spiritual growth.

Right now you can claim your free guide to overcome consistent overeating HERE!

One-on-One Coaching


If you’re looking for personalized care and want to work one-on-one with me for your nutrition & health goals, emotional or stress eating, body shame, overeating, weight cycling, cravings, or any disordered eating behavior, let’s chat! 

We’ll meet through online sessions and work together to for lasting health habits. 

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Food & Body Peace Program

Brunette woman smiling eating dinner broccoli on fork

This is the signature, immersive, and supportive program for all Christian women struggling with body shame and a poor relationship with food and eating.

From disordered eating to weight shame, this Gospel-centered program has you covered! You will find freedom from all these areas that plague you here.

To find out more, book your free call with me!

Your food and weight struggles are real...

I know you have struggled with diets and your body shame long enough…

But you can be free from constantly worrying about your eating, weight, and body size.

I know what it is like to be consumed by a desire to lose weight, to wish my body size
and shape were different, and to spend an enormous amount of focus, time, and 
energy on following the next restrictive diet… because I really didn’t know what else to do!

I know the hopelessness that occurs after regaining the weight lost…multiple times.
I know how it feels to be stuck – to know I needed help but not know which way to
turn anymore.

I know the frustration of thinking these issues would never change.

I also know the feeling that my preoccupations and my faith did not match up.

I needed to be free from this diet cycle, body shame, uncertainty with food rules, and all that came with it.

And you probably feel this way, too.

Your life can change...starting now!


  • confidence in giving up diets for a better way to long-term health
  • empowerment by the Gospel for deep and lasting change from these issues
  • discover and heal underlying thoughts, emotions, habits, triggers, and issues have kept you stuck in the diet and weight shame cycle
  • take back control over your food, health, and weight
  • learn to enjoy food and eating with full satisfaction and without feeling deprived
  • experience solutions for many causes of overeating
  • win the battle against body shame and feel comfortable with your body
  • learn truths of nutrition so you can make nutritious choices, learning fact from falsehood 
  • develop enjoyable healthy habits that can last a lifetime
  • understand your healthy weight and how to achieve and maintain yours

Health is not found in restrictive food rules or deprivation. It is found by adopting balanced, achievable, enjoyable, and sustainable lifestyle habits. 

However, the Christian knows there cannot be true “health” without growth in faith, heart change, and righteous behavior. Taking a biblical approach to health means that you can expect your time with me to be undergirded with the truths of Scripture. 

You will learn how to apply Scripture to your personal situation and gain immeasurable hope in the process as you see God’s work in you!

You can be confident of deeply-rooted change as we apply God’s truth and the health sciences to your life.


I’m sure you have questions about how my services can help you reach your goals, so why not chat with me? No pressure, just clarity!